I recreated one of my favorite parks from my hometown of Los Angeles. Vista Hermosa means Beautiful View in Spanish, and the name speaks of the view of Downtown Los Angeles from the park. I added a vignette to evoke the feeling of a memory, since I see the park as a memory now looking back on my days spent there. The vignette was added from the Post Possessing Stack I installed from the asset store. I also used trees and shrubs from the Nature Stater Kit 2 from the assets store. My clouds were created by modifying the article Systems DustStorm prefab. I added an animation to set the scene of the park and included background music made by Kevin MacLeod (downloaded from https://incompetech.com/).

At first I had a bit of trouble getting used to the terrain features. Raising the ground took me quite a while to figure out. Once I was able to raise and lower the terrain, the process went a lot faster. Placing the grass, shrubs, and trees took a lot of time because I was very picky as to where they went. Building the skyscrapers and bench were my favorite parts since it brought the park and entire scene together. I also spent about an hour trying to find music that set the scene. I wanted the sound to evoke a calm, recollection-like feeling.

Made withUnity